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The goal of the Caveman site is to educate readers on politics and economics. If we think that schools fail us in basics like math and English, think about sending our children into the real world with virtually no education in economics. The education in politics is little better because it lacks any substantive discussion of the unintended consequences of well-meaning politicians or the monopoly nature of government. Both of which fail the citizenry compared to free enterprise where mistakes are either soon corrected or the business fails so that another one with better ideas can take its place.


The reference to Cavemen refers basically to human nature which hasn't changed much over the eons. The aspirations of people remain largely the same, to work toward a more comfortable and satisfying life. Understanding the nature of a small closed society like a tribe of Cavemen allows us to extrapolate to today's challenges without all the baggage of weird economic or political words used by experts to describe some very specialized circumstance or institution. People respond to basic stimuli whether it is produced by some obscure bureaucrat in Washington DC or by the tribe's Chief. Once we understand the basics, we can apply them to complex modern-day governments. Then we can relate our knowledge to the specialized ideas of experts.


Links to basic articles using the Caveman scenario can be found in the upper left-hand column, covering topics like money, banking, the Federal Reserve and so forth.


The articles presented on the site are usually related in some way to current events, though the reader won't find much exploration of specific headlines in the media. The site is more geared to the big picture where principles can be applied rather than the failings of this or that politician. New articles will be presented usually daily.


Each day, the new articles will be added to the section Recent News Articles also on the left-hand column. Clicking on any one of these will bring you the complete article.




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