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Concealed Weapons Are A Deterrent

June 14, 2013

The following has been floating around the internet as humor. Iíve not taken the time to validate the numbers but I suspect they are correct. And in one message, at the bottom, it says:


Liberal Conclusion: Cold Weather Causes Murder



The message is clear and, yes, there might be other factors. But the existence of Concealed Carry Laws is hard to ignore. I suspect the statistics in Washington DC are not far different. If you are a bad guy, you have no problem getting a gun. Even if every state prohibited gun sales and ownership, just like they do for illegal drugs, guns would still be available, as they are today for illegal drugs. So banning guns is not the answer.


What is the answer? The police canít stop all of the bad guys; they canít be in all the places where crime is going to be committed simultaneously. In my local town, our bank was robbed and it took about 25 minutes for the police to arrive after the silent alarm was sounded. Their office is 2 blocks away. The conclusion is that public police are not the complete answer. In general, we have to protect ourselves. There are many ways to do that. Having an alarm on oneís house is one answer. Even having a sign that says you have an alarm works to some degree. Bad guys are human beings and other than in some ďfaithsĒ, humans have this natural desire to live. So they will take the safest way to live their life, even a life of crime. If a house is likely to have an alarm, that will hinder the criminal. If the sign in the front yard also says that the owner is an NRA member, that no doubt influences the bad guy.


You arenít always in your home, how do you protect yourself then? A concealed weapon is the answer. Again, not everyone has to have such a weapon. Just the fact that some percentage of people carry weapons is probably enough to discourage most of the evil ones. Communities that allow a concealed weapon should promote that fact. I would bet that if less than 1% had a concealed weapon, it would be enough to stop a robber, as long as the community is promoting the idea. They say that neighborhood watch signs have a big impact on would-be thieves. Why not concealed weapon signs or just weapon signs?


Crime, like war, is always a cat and mouse game. Once a new technology is developed for war, the other side has to find some way to counter it. The same must be true for crime. But that doesnít mean we shouldnít look for countermeasures to crime. Letting criminals advance their career without hindrance is definitely not an answer. Eventually, it will be so costly (perhaps in the life of the criminal) that he/she decides that going straight might be easier and safer.


Every time that another shooting takes place, the natural response is to blame the guns. If only we didnít have guns, that wouldnít have happened. Two facts: First we do have guns and second alternatives to guns exist and always have. Bombs can do a lot of damage, so can bows and arrows. We must stop blaming guns and look for ways to make criminal behavior less desirable. Working to use his desire to live is one way to do that.

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